SKZ1040D Melting point Tester


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Melting point is the basic test method to identify the physical nature, also used to measure purity. Therefore, Melting Point apparatus occupy an important position in chemical industry and medicine research. It is a necessary instrument for production of medicines, spices, dyes and other organic crystal substances.
Integrate video technology into melting point measuring, color samples are available;
Double VGA color screen for display and operating, real time video displayed 7X magnification
Store up 80 sets of experiments’ methods, 40 sets atlas and test data;
Data treatment is flexible, data outlet via SD Card, U-disk, store in apparatus, or printed via USB and RS232.

Type SKZ1040D-1 SKZ1040D-2 SKZ1040D-3 SKZ1040D-4
Temperature range Up to 300℃ Up to 350℃ Up to 400℃ Up to 400℃
Temperature accuracy 0.4℃ at 200℃; 0.7℃ at higher than 200℃
Temperature gradients 0.1℃ to 20℃
Capillaries numbers/ batch Up to 4
Display screen 5.6inch touch screen + 3.5 color screen
Operator account 4 8 15
Method storage 30 80
Result storage 50 groups 200 groups 600 groups 1000 groups
Video Only photos Color video and photos
Playback on instrument Yes YES YES
Data export USB, SD Card, RS232, Internet
Power 120W 120W 120W 120W
Dimension 3013*220*230mm