SKZ1043C Automatic Potentiometric Titrator


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It is especially designed for basic routine applications and can be operated as simple as possible.
Titration analysis including “acid-base titration”, “oxidation-reduction titration”, precipitation titration”, “complexometry” and “nonaqueous titration”.
1. Zero-dead volume solenoid valve, reduce liquid residual and leakage
2. Ultrathin stirring device
3. High accuracy burette, easy for changing
4. 7inch color touch screen, and multi communication port
Technical Specifications

Testing model Macro titration
Micro titration
Volume setting titration
End point titration
stored titration
Analysis acid-base titration
oxidation-reduction titration
precipitation titration
nonaqueous titration
Automatic burette 2(15mL, 25mL)
Stir Magnetism stir
Titration cup 100mL
Electrode port types mv/pH 1, reference electrode 1, PT1000 electrode 1
Standard electrodes Temperature compensated electrode,
232 saturated calomel electrode,
213Q9 platinum electrode,
6503 pH combined electrode,
216Q9 silver electrode,
217 Double salt bridge saturated calomel,
231Q9 pH glass electrode.
Communication port USB, Stir port, power port, printer port.
Learn titration YES, methods can be edited and stored
Weight net 10kg
mV/pH potential electrode interface Measure range -1999. 0 – 1999.0mV
0.00 – 14.00 pH
resolution 0.1mV    0.01pH
accuracy 0.2mV    0.02pH
PT 100 temp. electrode interface Measure range 0 – 100℃
resolution 0.1℃
accuracy 0.2℃
Burette driver 15mL accuracy ±0.025mL
25mL accuracy 0.035mL
titration analysis parallelism 0.2%
millivolt accuracy ≤0.2mV
Control terminal touch Screen 7inch TFT color touch screen
Power supply 110 – 240V, 50/60Hz