SKZ1021 Laboratory Rotary Digester


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This Laboratory Digester used in caustic cooking and acid cooking, It can also be used to cooking and
oxygen bleaching for other liquid work pressure is not more than 8Kg / cm2
Structural Features:
1. The device is mainly composed of a machine frame, steamer, reducer, heating laps,
rolling bearing, no carbon brush and slip ring, and a safety valve, temperature control
instrument, a pressure gauge, a needle valve.
2. This device part uses the high quality stainless steel , with high corrosion resistance.
3, The heating part of the electric heating ring is composed of six pieces, directly heating, simple structure,
convenient repair and replacement
4. Temperature control adopts intelligent PID to adjust temperature and heating control, ensure the cooking quality.
Working Principle:
Digester into the raw materials, the speed reducer directly drives the steamer. Using
4.5KW electric heating ring for constant temperature control heating.
Main Parameters:
Capacity:15L (or special order to 30L)
Body Diameter: ¢207mm
Body Height: 475mm
Maximum Working Pressure:8kg/cm²
Hydraulic Test Pressure: 12kg/ cm²
RPM: 1r/min
Temperature: 180℃
Motor Power: 0.37Kw 380v
VCC: 380V; 50HZ; 380V; 60HZ
Heating Circle power: 4.5Kw
Overall Dimension(L×W×H):1000mm×360mm×1230mm. Total Weight: 250kg
Optional accessory:
Digester cells(digestion bombs)
1. Capacity:
Single Capacity 1.5 Liters;
Total capacity 4*1.5 Liters
2.Working Pressures: 8kg/cm2
3.Hydraulic Pressure:16kg/cm2
4.Gross Weights:16kg
Oxygen Bleaching Digester Cells–(Oxygen digestion bombs)
1. Capacity:
Single Capacity 1 Liters;
Total capacity 4*1 Liters
2.Working Pressures: 8kg/cm2
3.Hydraulic Pressure:16kg/cm2
4.Gross Weights:16kg