SKZ1024 Bauer Fiber Classifier Φ100


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Fiber Classifier (Bauer Fiber Classifier) is the equipment used for measuring the weight-average fiber length of pulp fiber according to screening method by pulp and paper-making laboratory.
Screening the pulp suspension into the vessel, the vessel is charged with mesh sieve, Container into a ladder type, the pulp suspension flows from one container to another container, in various different sieve to retain the fiber length pulp, retention of pulp fiber length and the sieve mesh size. Water at a certain speed, the screening after a certain time. Collected from each sieve fibers, drying, constant weight at each mesh retained on the amount of fiber mass percentage of input sample report results.
1.Sieve grading number: 4 .
2.Sieve differentiator capacity:10L.
3.Agitator speed: 580 ± 50 rev / min, adjustable speed max 1400r / m
4.Sieve mesh:14mesh, 28mesh, 48mesh, 100mesh
5.Flow velocity: 11 ± 0.5L / min
6.Screening of time:0~9999min(According to the experiment adopted standard adjustment).
7.Main material: Stainless steel (0Cr18Ni9)
8.Outer dimentsions:1780mm(long)×520mm(width)×1680mm(high).
9.Instrument weight:130Kg.
10.Source: continuous water .
Commonly Used Strainer:
Long Fiber:10mesh,14mesh,28mesh,48mesh.
Middle Fiber(Leaving the Plant Mesh):14mesh,28mesh,48mesh,100mesh.
Short Fiber:28mesh,48mesh,100mesh,150(200)mesh.