SKZ1025 Laboratory Pulp Disintegrator


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Laboratory Pulp Disintegrator (also known as standard fiber Disintegrator, standard fiber stirrer), It is a
special disintegration equipment for the pulp papermaking industry.
It is suitable for laboratory wet disintegration of pulp: the disintegration is to separate the interwoven fibers in water after mechanical processing, and meanwhile to maximum remain fiber original structure properties
unchanged, in order to ensure the experiment to obtain reliable data, using the original scientific research
and production of effective, economy.
ISO5263, JIS-P8220, TAPPI-T205
Main technical parameters
1. Vessel inner diameter × height: φ152 × 191mm
2. Spiral baffle inside: four inner spiral width × pitch × Number: 6.5 × 51 × 4
3. Agitator blades: φ90 three blades
4. Agitator shift: from the top is rotated clockwise
5. Distance from the bottom of the container agitator blade: 25mm
6. Impeller rotation frequency: 48.3 ± 1.65S-1
7. Total power: 220V/AC single-phase 400W, motor: 370W
8. Dimensions (L × W × H): 450 × 265 × 395 (mm)
9. Weight: 44 kg