SKZ102B Brightness Color meter


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Brightness Meter is widely applied in paper and cardboard, pulp, cotton and fabric, plastic, ceramic and       porcelain enamel, amylum, construction material, chemical industry, salt making and other department that need to test whiteness, yellowness, color and chromatism, as well as transparency, opacity, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient of paper.
1. Test the color and color difference of reflective objects.
2. Test ISO brightness (Blu-ray brightness R457), as well as the degree of fluorescent whitening of
fluorescent whitening materials.
3. Test CIE whiteness (W10 Gantz brightness and color cast value TW10).
4. Test Whiteness of ceramic
5. Test Non-metallic mineral products and construction materials whiteness.
6. Test Measurement System Lab Hunt and Hunt (L*a*b) whiteness.
7. Test yellowness YI
8. Test non-transparency, transparency, light scattering coefficient and light absorption.
9. Test ink absorption value.
ISO2470: paper and board Blu-ray diffuse reflectance factor method (ISO brightness);
ISO2471: paper and cardboard is not transparent method;
Reference can be practicality or data; The meter can maximum store ten references’ information;
Menstruate many times and give series of arithmetic measuring result; Digital display and the result can be    printed out; The testing data will be stored while powering off for a long time.
Technical data:
1. Simulate D65 illumination lighting. Adopt CIE1964 supplement color system and CIE1976 (L * a * b *)      color space color difference formula.
2. Adopt d / o observation geometry lighting conditions. Diffusion ball diameter of 150 mm, 25 mm diameter of test hole, with light absorbers to eliminate the sample mirror reflected light.
3. Indication accuracy: chromaticity coordinates 0.0001, and the remaining 0.01
4. Stability of the value: After warm-up, 30min period, Δf ≤ 0.1.
5. Repetitive: RX, RY and RZ S ≤ 0.10
Chromaticity coordinates S ≤ 0.0010
R457 value S ≤ 0.10
6. Sample size: test plane no less than Φ30 mm, thickness no more than 40 mm.
7. Power: AC 220V 10%, 50HZ, 0.4A.
8. Communication Interface: RS-232.
9. Working situation: Temperature 5 ~35 ℃, relative humidity no more than 85%.
10. Size and weight: 364 × 264 × 400 (mm), 20kg.
Symbols and formula of measurement terms
1.1  Color (Colour)