SKZ112 Crush Tester


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SKZ112 Crush Tester is used to do the Ring Crush test (RCT), Edge Crush Test (ECT), Flat Crush Test (FCT), Pin Adhesive Strength Test (PAT), and Paper Tube Compress Test.
We also have the accessories for its each test.
1. Large big color touch screen display, adopts ARM system
2. Data saved system: can saved 511 groups data, each group has 10 numbers of data, total 5110 pieces of data can be saved
3. Microcomputer control technology, with test data statistical processing function, automatic reset.
4. Using a fixed upper platen, high-precision weighing sensor, high measurement accuracy.
5. Appropriate accessories can be ordered separately according to the actual situation, to achieve a variety of paper and corrugated board crush strength test.
6. Imported stepper motor, plate spacing can be set arbitrarily, without limit switch, on panel with button can set the plate spacing.
7. Control box separate part of the host, its transmission parts adopts worm gear reducer combination with synchronous motor, the overall structure more simplified.
8. English menu, built-in thermal printer, print the test results.
9. The crush pressure and the amount of deformation can be displayed in real time
10. Protect press sensor through the protection switch for over- loading.
11. Analyzing the group of testing data and to show the maximum, minimum, average.
1. Equipped with ring crush test center tray and ring crush sample cutter, for ring crush strength test (RCT)
2. Equipped with edge(adhesive) sample cutter and guide block, carried corrugated board edge crush strength test (ECT)
3. Equipped with Pin Adhesive strength test clamp, carried corrugated board pin adhesive (peel) strength test (PAT)
4. Equipped with flat crush sample cutter, carried corrugated flat crush strength test (FCT)
5. Equipped with fluter and sample cutter, carried test items of CCT and CMT.
Mainly applied to thickness of 0.15 — 1.00mm paper for ring crush strength test (RCT). Corrugated board edge crush strength test (ECT), flat crush strength test (FCT), Pin Adhesive strength test (PAT) and a diameter of less than 60mm paper core flat crush resistance (CMT) and Flat crush strength test of small paper tube test. With fluter and sample cutter, tests fluting (CCT and CMT).
ISO 12192-2011 Paper and board — Determination of compressive strength — Ring crush method
ISO 7263-2011 Corrugating medium — Determination of the flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting
ISO 3035-2011 Corrugated fiberboard — Determination of flat crush resistance
ISO 3070-1-2007 Machine tools — Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle — Part 1: Machines with fixed column and movable table
ISO 3070-2-2007 Machine tools — Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle — Part 2: Machines with movable column and fixed table
ISO 3070-3-2007 Machine tools — Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle — Part 3: Machines with movable column and movable table



Force measurement resolution


Force measurement accuracy

Better than 0.3%

Sampling frequency


Life of touch screen

About 100,000 hours

The effective number of touches

About 50,000 times

Display resolution


Load cell safe overload


Load cell accuracy level


Load cell repeatability



AC220V±10% 2A 50Hz



Measuring range

0- 5000N

Platen parallelism

≤ 0.05 mm



Test speed

(12.5 ±2.5)mm/min

Platen diameter



English menu, touch display

Print output

Built-in thermal printer

working environment

Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%


345 mm(L)×300 mm(W)×505mm(H)