SKZ129B DIN Abrasion Tester


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For determination of abrasion resistance of rubber tires, rubber overshoes, adhesive tape, to identify the
quality of rubber products. Rubber compounds were friction with the cloth in a certain load to determine the amount of abrasion of the sample within a predetermined stroke. ISO4649, DIN 53516
Technical parameters:
1.Sample load: 2.5N, 5N,10N
2.Stroke: 40m or 20m
3. Roller speed: 40 ± 1r/min
4. Roller diameter: Ф150 ± 0.2mm
5. Roller length: 460mm
6.Sample dia.: Ф16 ± 0.2mm
7. Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
8. External dia.: 700mm × 340mm × 300mm
9 Weight: 63kg