SKZ145 LCD Melt Flow Indexer


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To determine the melt mass-flow MFR (ɡ/10min), the melt volume-flow rate MFV(cm3/10min)and the melt density of thermo resin, for the engineering plastics of polycarbonate, nylon and fluorine plastics, etc,
whose melt temperature are higher, but also fit for the plastics tests of polyethylene, polystyrene,
polypropylene, ABS resin and poly-formaldehyde resin, etc, whose melt temperature are lower, it is widely
applied to the fields of plastics materials, product, petrochemical
GB 3682, ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238, DIN 53735, UNI-5640, JJB878, and made according to JB/T5465
(Technical Standard of Melting Flow Rate Instrument).
Tests performed:
1. Adopts PID temperature control, digital display,
2. It can cut material automatically and manually,
3. It has two measuring method: melt mass-flow & melt volume-flow: MFR and MVR,
4.Print out the test report with built-in printer.
5. Also can be connect to PC controlled (optional with extra charge)
Main technical parameter:
Measuring range: 0. 01-600.00 g/10min (MFR)
0. 01-600.00 cm/10min(MVR)
0.001-9.999 g/cm (melt density)
Temperature range: 50-400℃
Temperature precision: ±0.5℃ resolution: 0.1℃
Material canister inside diameter 9.55±0.025mm length: 160mm
Piston diameter 9.457±0.01mm mass: 106g
Mould inside diameter 2.095mm length: 8±0.025mm
Load: full load
Base weight: (piston weight + base poise weight) 0.325Kg.
Weights: 0.875Kg, 1.290Kg, 1.835Kg, 3.475Kg, 4.675Kg, 5.000Kg, 5.000Kg one each (may freewill
combination )
Accuracy: 0.5%
Cleaning accessories: clear material pole
Calibration accessories: water level bubble
Measuring method: MFR MVR/ DENSITY
Supply Power: 220V±10% 50Hz Heat up power: about 550W
Outline size: (length*width*height ) 600*400*500 (unit: mm)
Net weight: 85Kg Gross weight: 135Kg
Packing list:
Mainframe one
Base weight one
Weight one (six sort’s seven pieces)
Piston one
Mould one
Oriented sheath one
Water level bubble one
Hopper one
Clear material pole one
Mould bore one
Material check one
Provide English explanation one each
Optional accessory:
Balance AR124CN
Scale (g): 120

Minimum reading (g): 0.0001
Repeatability sd (g): 0.0001
Linearity error (g): ± 0.0002
Typical stabilization time: 4s
Accuracy class: I
Calibration Automatic external calibration with weights
Pan size (mm): Diameter 90
Pan above the effective height (mm): 240
Dimensions (width X height X length) (mm): 217 × 365 × 343
NW / GW (kg): 5.7/9.5