SKZ1053 TGA Analyzer


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Thermo gravimetric analyzer (TGA) is in TG, temperature, the temperature or cooling process, observe the quality with temperature or the change of time, the purpose is to study material thermal stability and
components. Widely used in plastic, rubber, coating, drugs, catalyst, inorganic materials, metal materials
and composites fields of research and development, optimizing process and quality control
Measurement and research material following characteristics:
Thermal stability, decomposing process, adsorption and desorption, oxidation and reduction, ingredients
quantitative analysis, additives and filler influence, moisture and volatiles, reaction kinetics.
Technical parameters:
1. Temperature range: Room temperature ~1150
2. Temperature resolution: 0.1
3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1
4. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 / min
5. Temperature control mode: Rising temperature, Cooling temperature, Constant temperature
6. The cooling time: 15min  1000 ~ 100℃)
7. Balance measuring scope: 1mg~2g  (Can be extended to 30g)
8. Resolution: 0.1 u g
9. Constant temperature and time: 0 ~ 300min (set arbitrarily)
10. Display: Chinese characters liquid crystal display (LCD)
11. Atmosphere: inert, oxidizing, reducible, static and dynamic
12. Atmosphere device: Built-in gas flow meter, including switch two way gas and control flow volume
13. Software: Intelligent software can record TG curves automatically, Processing data and print
experimental statements
14. Data interface: RSS – 232 interface, special software (irregularly free upgrades)
15. Power: AC220V 50Hz