SKZ108 Bursting Tester

SKZ108 Bursting Tester

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Burst tester is the basic instrument for testing the anti-bursting degree of paper or cardboard. Forcardboard: It conforms to the standards of ISO2759 (standard testing for cardboard bursting strength) and  GB1539 (method for testing cardboard bursting strength). For paper: It conforms to the standards of ISO2758. It adopts signal transmitting press. When the specimen is burst, the tester stores the maximum of bursting strength automatically.
1. Micro-computer control, use hydraulic oil as the driving force to break the specimen.
2. When the specimen is broken, it stores the maximum and reset automatically.
3. LCD displays, the unit of kgf/cm2, psi and kPa in option.
4. It adopts signal transmitting press
5. ISO 2759 and ISO 2758.
6. Show real-time curve
Technical parameters:

Items parameters Type SKZ108A paper SKZ108B cardboard
Indicating way Digital display
Power (220±10)V; 50 HZ (grounding)
Temperature (20±10) ℃
Relative humidity < 80%
Accuracy Error:±0.5%FS; mobility: < 0.5%
Upper platen aperture dia. (30.5±0.05)mm (31.5±0.05)mm
Lower platen aperture dia. (33.5±0.05) mm (31.5±0.05) mm
Diaphragm size Thickness (0.8–0.9)mm Protruding height: (2.5±0.2) mm

Protruding height 27.8 mm

Diaphragm resistance Protruding 9mm: (20-40)mm Protruding 10mm,(170-220) mm

Protruding 18mm,(250-350) mm

Pressure between platen ≥430 Kpa ≥690 Kpa
hydraulic pressure sensor 2000 Kpa 6000 Kpa
transmit hydraulic volume (95±15) ml/min (170±15) ml/min