SKZ107A Paper Tearing Strength Tester


SKZ107A Paper Tearing Strength Tester

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The tester is designed according to ISO 1974(paper–tearing strength test method), GB455.1, It is a special   instrument for paper tearing strength test. It is the ideal test instrument for papermaking, scientific research   and quality-control department.

Technical parameter:

parameter Index
Test range (10~1000)Mn, Standard arm and Light arm are the standard fittings.

Lightest arm special customization according to need.

Standard arm (10~1000)mN,degree minimum: 10mN
Light arm (10~500)mN, degree minimum: 5mN
Lightest arm (10~200)mN, degree minimum: 2mN
Veracity Error Maximum range20%~80% ±1%, out range±0.5%FS
Repeat error Maximum range20%~80% ≤1%, out range≤0.5%FS
Tearing arm (104±1)mm
Beginning angle for tearing 27.5±0.5
Tearing distance (43±0.5)mm
Specimen size (25×15)mm
Clamp distance (2.8±0.3)mm