SKZ121 Box Compression Tester


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Box Compression Tester is applicable in testing the compression endurance and stacking strength and press standard of corrugated carton.
Test items:
1. Compressive test: to determine the maximum compression strength
2. Stacking test: to determine the stacking strength test,12 hours, 24 hours, etc.
3. Pressure standards test: testing whether the box reaches the preset compression or deformation of the requirements
ISO2234, ISO2233, ISO2206, ISO12048. ISO2874, ISO2872.
1. Test items: Compression Test, Stacking Test and Press Standard Test
2. Adopt advanced accurate sensor and high capable motor, unite advanced measurement and control technology to get speed accuracy and precision measurement.
3. Gentle mechanical transmission, multi-level security protection, overload protection.
4. Has functions of parameters saved, display, memory, statistics and print.
5. With data processing capabilities, the data can be directly obtained statistical data,
6. It can be return the previous position after testing finished.
1. load cell: 10kn, 20kn, 50kn (optional)
2. Working size: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm (optional)
3. Speed: 1-60mm/min can be selected
4. Accuracy: ±1%
5. Deformation resolution: 1mm
6. Power: AC220V, 50HZ, 3A, 750W.
7. Resolving power minimum reading figure: 1N
8. Relative error of display figure:±2%
9. Relative alteration degree of display error:≤2%
10. Result error: 0.1%
11. Surveying veracity of tracking distortion: ±1mm
12. Speed range of different pressure :(1~40)mm/min
13. Returning speed in the test ( the speed up and down with manual manipulation ): (1~60) mm/min
14. The relative waving speed of planned-stacking-load test: ±4%
15. The tracking and pressure speed of stacking load test: 2mm/min