SKZ1053 Thermo gravimetric analyzer

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Thermo gravimetric analysis (TG, TGA) is to observe the change of sample quality with temperature or time in the process of heating and constant temperature, the purpose is to study the thermal stability and composition of the material.

Widely used in the research and development, process optimization and quality control of plastics, rubber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials

Application range:

Thermal stability, decomposing process, adsorption and desorption, oxidation and reduction, ingredients quantitative analysis, additives and filler influence, moisture and volatiles, reaction kinetics.

Structural advantages:

  1. The furnace body is heated by double-row winding of precious metal nickel-cadmium alloy wire, which reduces interference and is more resistant to high temperatures.
  2. The tray sensor is made of precious metal alloy wire, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
  3. The power supply and circulating heat dissipation part are separated from the main machine to reduce the influence of heat and vibration on the micro-thermal balance.
  4. Adopt top-opening structure, easy to operate. It is difficult to move the furnace body up to place the sample, and it is easy to damage the sample rod.
  5. The host uses the heat insulation of the heating furnace body to the chassis and micro-thermal balance.
  6. The furnace body can be replaced according to customer requirements

Controller and software advantages:

  1. Using imported ARM processor, sampling speed, processing speed is faster.
  2. Four-channel sampling AD collects TG signal and temperature T signal.
  3. Heating control, using PID algorithm, precise control. Multi-stage heating and constant temperature
  4. The USB two-way communication is adopted between the software and the instrument to fully realize remote operation. The parameter setting of the instrument and the operation and stop of the instrument can be carried out through the computer software.
  5. 7-inch full-color 24bit touch screen, better man-machine interface. TG calibration can be achieved on the touch screen

Technical parameters:

Real Pictures for your references

The sample’s relationship between the TGA, time, and temperature

The sample’s relationship between thermo gravimetric (TGA), enthalpy change (DSC), the time, the temperature.
Packing List
Host 1PC
Software 1PC
Power cord 1PC
Data line 2PCS
Sample crucibles 100PCS
10A fuses 5PCS
Operational manual 1PC

Transparent tubes, USB cable, power cable, furnace cover, inside furnace cap, tin granules, fuse, ceramic crucibles, Aluminum crucibles, blowing tools, sample spoon, tweezers


We offer 100pcs of Aluminum crucible and 100pcs of Ceramic crucible as spare: