SKZ128 Shore Hardness Tester


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The Shore hardness tester is applied to test the hardness of vulcanized rubber and plastic. The hardness
head is installed on the stand. You can also take the head from the stand to carry spot testing.
ISO7619-1:2004: Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic–Determination of indentation hardness-part 1:
Duromerer method ( shore hardness)
ISO 868:2003: Plastics and ebonite-Determination of indentation hardness by means of a duromerer ( shore hardness)
Technical parameters:
1.Diameter of pressure needle: 1.25mm±0.15mm
2.End diameter of needle: 0.79mm±0.03mm (Shore A), R0.1±0.012mm (Shore D)
3.Pressure needle taper angle: 35°±0.25°
4.Pressure needle trip:0- 2.5mm±0.04mm
5.Range of scale: 0HA-100HA (Shore A), 0-100HD(Shore D)
6. Pressure: 0.55N-8.06N(Shore A), 0-44.5N(Shore D)
7. Dimension of stand: 200×115×310 (mm)
8. Net weight: 12kg

SKZ128 A
SKZ128 D