SKZ1027A/B/C Laboratory Valley pulp Beater


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Laboratory Valley pulp Beater, mechanical forces generated by the roll and the bottom knife, the fiber pulp was cutting, crushing, kneading, split, moistening and fiber thinning, meanwhile, the fiber cell wall
displacement and deformation generated, the primary wall and outer wall broken. According to the pressure on the bottom knife and beating time, can get different beating degree of pulp.
It is Widely used in a variety of plant fibers, synthetic fibers, carbon fibers, glass fibers beating test
The measurement and having a predetermined concentration pulp beating by the beater, during sampling intervals and measuring the freeness of the pulp
ISO 5264/I, TAPPI T200 ,GB 7980187-Pulps-laboratory beating-Valley beater method
1. Adopt international standards,
pulp Cell Volume: 23L (A type), 35L (B type), 120L (C type)
2. stainless steel pulp Dutch Valley cell, beater roll, bottom knives.
3. timed automatic control system with time, beating time can be selected.
4. Pulp cell cover high strength transparent material, and intuitive.
5. beater roll using a special process, a molding, with no noise, no loosening, no rust.
6. can be adjusted according to the situation under the pressure;
7. All parts in contact with water, all made of high quality stainless steel.
8. added to the end of knives and knife roll automatic cleaning function.
9. kneading blade is divided into two kinds of blade and cutting for users to choose.
1. Capacity: 23 liters (A type), 35L (B type), 120L (C type)
2. Beating capacity :200-700g
(standard beating quantity: 360g dry pulp, concentration: 1.57%);
3. Knife roll size: Φ195 × 155
4. Knife roll speed: 500 ± 10/min
5. Bottom Blade size: 160 × 16 × 3.2 (7)
6. Blade Size: 160 × 70 × 4.7 (32)
7. Load lever arm (54 ± 1) N;
8. Motor: Y801-4, 0.55KW;
9. Motor speed: 1400 r / min;
10. Power: 1500W;
11. Dimensions: 1230mm × 850mm × 1180mm
12. Weight: 200 kg
13. Pulp Chests wall thickness: ≥ 4mm