SKZ1026 Lab-Potcher


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Lab-Potcher is used to simulate the production process of rinsing pulp experiments, can accomplish the
process of pulp un-bleached washing, bleaching pulp, pulp bleached process.
Adopt international standards, rinse diameter Φ300, maximum volume 14.1372 liters, Its cylinder body
frame and sieve plate is made of stainless steel, a new intelligent temperature control, digital display
temperature, over temperature alarm, rinsing time automatic control, more safe and reliable.
1. Cylinder body diameter: 300mm
2. Cylinder body height: 300mm
3. Actual loading pulp height: 200mm
4. Rinse screen size: 60 x 65 mesh
5. Vibration times: 564 times
6, stirring speed: 560r/m
7. Motor power: 1.4KW 1400r/m
8. Heater power: 3KW 220V
9. Pulp loading volume: 14.13 litres
10. Pulp concentration: 4~8%
11. Dried pulp: 0.4~1.13kg
12. Before bleaching and washing time: 10~20 minutes
13. Bleaching pulp time: 30~60 minutes
14. After bleaching washing time: 30~60 minutes
15. Bleaching pulp temperature: 0 ℃ ~70 ℃