SKZ1028 Laboratory PFI Beater


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For beating test of middle and high concentrations pulps, so that to Analysis of high-grade paper.
Placed the pulps, which is measured having a predetermined concentration, between the knife roller and the beating cylinder, rotating with different circumferential speeds. In order to achieve the purpose of beating
1. Main components made of stainless steel,
2. Pulp pool with a knife roller are regulated speeds, belt drive,
3. The counter can be set to the number of revolutions dissociation pulp,
4. Leverage pressure than the pressure can be changed and adjusted beating roll with beating chamber to
control the beating gap between the cutting force,
5. Pitch with screw hand wheel with scale to adjust blade pitch between the roller and the wall.
6. Maximum absolute dry pulp beating 30g,
7. Stainless steel pulp pool, beater roll, power distribution cabinets latest circuit design,
8. LCD spindle speed, automatic control as needed beating time.
9. Full microprocessor control; the test is completed, the instrument automatically shut down;
10. Automatic key switch to the calibration status, built-in security protection;
11. Adjustable gap; safe operation, easy to clean.
12. Injection quantitative control, temperature display, display current energy consumption, exhaust plasma cleaning, cooling function (B type)
ISO 5264/2, TAPPIT248
1. Cylindrical pulp pool: diameter 250mm, 52mm deep
2. Knife rotor motor: Y90S-4, 1.1KW, 1400 rev / min
3. Knife Rotor: Diameter 200mm, height 50mm, 5mm thick knife
4. Pulp Pool Motor: Y80M1-4; 550W, 1400 rev / min
5. Beating gap adjustment distance :0-25mm
6. Optical Digital Display: Count 0-999999
7. Beating pulp concentration :5-20% (recommend 10%), 5-30g dry pulp
8. Weight: 300kg
9. Dimensions (L * W * H): Host: 800 * 500 * 1100mm
Power distribution box: 500 * 400 * 114mm