SKZ701 Kjeldahl Apparatus


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An automatic device integrating distillation and titration functions designed based on classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method.
1. Automatic completion of distillation, titration, calculation, printing, waste discharge;
2. Built-in colorimetric titration device
3. Two steam models, can adjust solutions adding sequence, for distillation and absorption special samples
4. Built-in printer, USB and series port for data outlet
5. Samples’ methods can be edited and store
6. Solutions adding are quantified
7. Multi protection, safety door, tube position, cooling water testing,
8. Self-trouble shooting functions for valves, pumps and sensors
9. Tube and pips automatic emptying
Technical Data:

Measure range 0.1mg  –  200mg
Analysis time 5 – 10min
Recovery ≥99.5%
Samples available Solid ≤ 5g; Liquid ≤20ml
Burette accurate 1.0μL/ step
Reproducibility ±0.5%
Functions List Comparison
Variable steam generator YES
Cooling water pressure monitor YES
Cooling water temperature monitor YES
Automatic alkali solution adding YES
Automatic dilute water YES
Auto receiver solution adding YES
Tube emptying YES
Removable drain tray YES
Safety door YES
Tube on position sensor YES
Tube replacement  sensor YES
Colorimetric titration device YES
Results calculation YES
Result and data storing YES
Built-in printer YES
Automatic washing tube and pips YES
Trouble shooting self-detecting functions YES