SKZ111G Flour Moisture Meter


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Used to measure moisture content of wheat flour, potato flour and yeast powder
1.10 stalls
2. The introduction of foreign advanced technology, imported chips
3. Unique sensor design and production methods are beyond the general penetration.
4. Proprietary sensor technology wide operating range, can be inserted measurements, fast display.
5. Stable performance and excellent quality.
6. Portable instrument case as proprietary designs.
7. Meter compact design, compact structure.
Technical performance
1. Measuring moisture range: 0 ~ 80%
2. Use of the environment: -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
3. Display: LCD digital display
4. Resolution: 0.1%
5. Dimension: 160 × 60 × 27mm
6. Weight: 0.3kg
7. Power supply: 9V battery (6F22)
1. Moisture meter for the contact measuring instrument. Measurement on the premise that the sensor
sensitive areas (mostly in front of less than 10cm) full contact with the measured object,
Generally, the sensor probe into sensitive areas as much as possible inside the object being measured in
order to reduce measurement error.
2. If the metal around the measured object can cause inaccurate measurement
It requires that the sensor into the sensitive areas around 20cm and should not contain metal substances.