SKZ1023 Lab Fiber Classifier Φ300


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Vibrating vacuum suction, so that compliant pulp fibers from open screening leak continues, not meet the
requirements of fiber and wood residues left in the screen plate above, and then removed from the slag
hole.Screening of impurities was measured in the pulp debris impurities, Use the pulp screen machine can
reduce the number of impurities in the pulp suspension, get clean good pulp.
1. Adopt international standards, stainless steel tube frame,
the main components made of stainless steel and copper.
2. Pulp cylinder diameter of 300mm, a height of 300mm, the maximum volume 14.1372 liters.
1. cylinder diameter and height: 300mm × 300mm;
2. Rotational speed of agitator: 250r / m;
3. Vibration frequency: 1400 times / min;
4. screen plate open screening Specification:
0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm;