SKZ101 Digital Display Tensile Tester


SKZ101 Digital Display Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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1. Introduction and application:
The equipment is used to test the Tensile strength test, 90 degree peeling, 180 degree peeling, tearing, It adopts precise auto control and data acquisition system.
2. Advantages
1) Color touch screen display.
2)The test force can be adjusted in a wide range, stable and effectively.
3) Display test force, test speed and displacement at real time.
4) It can automatically return to the original position after test.
5) Has the functions of limit position protection, over load protection and over current protect.
6). Equipped with mini printer, test report can be printed out

3. Main technical parameter

1 Max test force 100N, 500N, 1KN (optional )
2 Precision of the equipment 1%
3 Measuring range 1N-100N, 1N-500N, 1N-1000N,
depend on the Max test force
4 Relative error of indicating value 1%
5 Resolution of test force 1/200000
6 Min reading value of deformation 0.01mm
7 Speed range 1-500mm/min
8 Stroke of crossbeam 400mm, 700mm, 900mm  (optional )
9 Loading mode Electrically
10 Control mode Micro-computer
11 Voltage (should connect to the ground) 440V, 3 phase
12 Power 400W
13 Dimension of main machine 410X430X1550mm
14 Weight 110kg