SKZ1013A Automatic Surface Tension Meter


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Brief introduction
Automatic surface tension meter, made up of high precise and stable force measurement system,
microcomputer control system, platinum plate (ring) measurement device, is compact in design, simple and reliable in structure, easy in operation (automatic/manual). It features net weight in whole range (one-key
minimum clearing), whole range automatic calibration, good repeatability, accurate and reliable test result
as well as liquid crystal display of test data with S232C output interface.
Main features:
1. The platinum plate test principle enables the operation easy;
2. Fully automatic measurement can avoid the manual operation error;
3. Whole range minimum clearing: one-key minimum clearing in a flash; stable and non-drifting zero
4. Automatic calibration in whole range ensures accurate and reliable data and good repeatability;
5. The display value is sample surface tension without re-calculation;
6. The instrument is reasonable in structure and independent in operation, without any attached equipment (such as external computer, etc);
7. The measurement of surface tension can be achieved, and the surface tension varies at different time
(especially those containing surface active agent or volatile substance)
8. Balance result can be got in automatic measurement of surface tension of medium and high viscosity
liquid samples;
9. It can measure the interfacial tension of non-mixed liquid such as oil/water interface
10. It can totally replace traditional mechanical surface tensiometer;
Main technical parameters
Test method: platinum plate method;
Operation mode: automatic measurement on automatic raising of sample stage;
Measurement range: 0-400mN/m
Sensitivity: 0.1mN/m
Accuracy: ±0.2mN/m (error test on literature value of double distilled water and pure alcohol at 20℃);
Repeatability: ±0.2mN/m (error test on literature value of double distilled water and alcohol at 20℃)
Data display: LCD display screen
Range of temperature: indoor temperature
Measurement time: 3-5 seconds for measurement of low concentration sample liquid
Container constant: min.15Ml
Voltage: commercial power AC220V, 1A