SKZ1029 Laboratory Pulp Aquapulper — Frequency Controlled-12L


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1. Laboratory for virgin pulp or recycled pulp to beating, disintegration and deinking.
2. Major laboratory equipment used to process pulp, broke, and waste paper.
3. Assessment recycled pulp process, additives and quality
4. Laboratory equipment to study papermaking equipment of chemical additives.
Driven by the motor through the belt drive turntable, barrel rotary blade, which is arranged in the barrel of
the pulp and water, outside the speed of different mechanical force and rotates, the pulp by mutual friction
and tear has been broken, and a wedge plate to increase the friction of turbulent flow.
1. Used to adjust the rotor speed motor speed regulation
2. Automatic time and temperature control, digital display temperature and heating time
3. Made of Stainless steel
4. Shaft drive system through the dynamic balance technology, better power efficiency
5. Lower noise, noise no more than 40 decibels
1. Volume: 12 liters
2. Speed range :0-900n / m (frequency control)
3. Pulping capacity: 600 g dry pulp
4. Ease concentration: 5% -15% (depending on species may be a slurry)
5. Heating power: 800W
6. Main material: stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9)
7. Motor power: frequency conversion motor 1.1KW, 380V
8. Weight: 85Kg