SKZ1039C Multi-wavelength Automatic Polarimeter


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Polarimeter is the testing instruments to measure the optical rotation of material. By measurement of optical rotation of the sample can be analyzed to determine the concentration of substance, the content and purity. Widely used in pharmaceutical, drug testing, sugar, food, spices, MSG and chemical and oil industry.
1. With multi-wavelength selection function, on the basis of a conventional 589nm wavelength, adds 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 578nm, 633nm
2. Temperature control device: built-in a heating and cooling device, with accessory of temperature control tube, to achieve temperature controlled measurement of the sample rotation.
3. Large LCD touch screen display
4. Provides WINDOWS user interface, simple and intuitive, stable and reliable.
5. Using life of more than 5000h diode as a light source, instead of the previous sodium lamp and Halogen, which life is short, easy to damage and high temperature.
6. Sample chamber temperature and the ambient temperature consistent to avoid errors caused by heating
7. Using the most advanced digital circuit and microcomputer control technology, backlit LCD display, clear and intuitive test data,
8. Dark-colored sample can be measured.
9. Calculation of average values