SKZ111A-2 Garments Moisture Meter


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1. Japan advanced sensors, moisture measurements of cotton, polyester, linen, velvet, wool, acrylic, polypropylene fiber, pure or blended, all kinds of yarns, cloth with the measuring range 0~40%.
2. portable smart weighs 200 grams, 160mm, small size, easy to carry, suitable for field use.
3. non-destructive testing: just the probes touch the surface being measured, that is able to display the current moisture content, without damaging the object to be detected.
4. intuitive and convenient: depth of 50mm and directly with digital display.
Technical specification:
1. Measurement mode:-high frequency electromagnetic induction.
2. Measuring range: 0~40%.
3. Resolution: 0.1%.
4. Display: LCD digital display.
5. Scanning depth: 50mm.
6. Power supply: 1 x 9V batteries.
7. Size: 160x60x27 (mm).
8. Weight: about 200g.