SKZ111C Portable Digital Food Moisture Meter


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The meter is suitable for measuring moisture of pasta, bread, cakes, moon cake stuffing, bean paste, date
paste, fruit juices, dried fruit, dried sweet potatoes, dried apples, dates, and the like sticky granules, blocks, granules, powder.
using high-frequency principle, digital display, rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators,
and the small size, light weight, portable on-site rapid test, easy to use.
Technical parameter:
1. Measurement of moisture range: 0% ~ 80%
2. Accuracy: 0%-10%: ±0.2%, 10%-40%: ±0.5%
3. Resolution: 0.1%
4. Display: 3½LCD digital display
5. Probe Length: 200mm
6. Response time: 1 second
7. Temperature: -10℃–+50℃
8. Size: 160 × 60 × 27mm
9. Power supply: 9V battery (6F22)
10. Weight: 0.2kg