SKZ122B Drop Tester


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Drop tester is mainly applying in modeling the falling impact influence of packages in transportation and loading. It is used to identify the impact endurance and designable rationality of packages, Standards: TAPPI 802, ISO2248 ASTM D5276.
The use of double-column, two-wing orientation, drop height can be input, work stable and reliable. It meanly used in simulating package used in the transport, loading and unloading process by the fall of the impact of shocks, inspect its impact strength and whether packaging design of the impact strength is reasonable, in order to improve and perfect the packaging design.
Technical parameter:
•Falling height: 40-150 cm (could order to 180cm or 200cm)
•Plate area: 110×130 cm
•Impact area: 100×100 cm
•Bear weight: 100kg
•Height adjusting: photoelectric control, motor transmission
•Power: 220V 50HZ
•Dimension: 110×130×220 cm
•Weight: about 460kg