SKZ137C Rubber Fatigue Testing Machine


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It is double-column De Mattia Flex Cracking type Fatigue Testing Machine, used to test the cracking performance of vulcanized rubber and rubber shoes by repeated flex. Also determination of tension fatigue. It conforms to the standard of ISO 6943,ISO132 and ISO133.
It is an improved vertical Fatigue Testing Machine, automatic counting, lower gripper reciprocating speed can be adjusted and displayed. Host increased eccentric wheel lift adjustment hand wheel and the holder position adjustment hand wheel, can easily adjust the lower gripper ‘s highest position, the lowest position and the position of the upper gripper, so more convenient of flex cracking, crack growth testing and tension fatigue testing.
Technical parameters:
1. frequency of down clamp: 10–300r/min
2. adjustable max distance between upper and down clamp: 200mm
3. adjustable max distance of eccentric wheel: 50mm
4. max trip of down clamp: 100mm
5. dimension: 750×400×1500 (mm)
6. net weight: 150kg
Cracking mold: 25*154mm, Six-cavity