SKZ144 Vacate Heating-distortion Temperature Meter


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Applied to test the softening temperature and heat distortion temperature of polymeric material, which is
taken as a indicator of controlling quality and identifying new product’s heat performance.
Using percentage meter to measure distortion and temperature controller to set temperature. Its specimen
stand can automatically go up and down and test three specimens in one time.
With standards: GB/T1633, GB/T1634, GB 8802 as well as ISO75, ISO306 and ISO250, easy operation,
innovative design, beautiful outlook and high. reliability.
Technical parameters:
1. temperature range: room temperature~300℃
2. heating speed: (12±1)oC/6min[(120±10)oC/h]
3. max temperature error: ±1℃
4. measuring range of distortion: 0-3mm
5. measuring error of distortion: 0.01mm
6. heating media: polydimethylsiloxane
7. cold method: over 150℃ natural cold
Below 150℃ water cold or natural cold
8. power: AC220V±10%, 20A, 50HZ, 4KW
9. dimension: 720×700×1380 (mm)
10. weight: 180kg