SKZ165B Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester‏


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Applicable Range
Used for testing the performance of the wearing resistance, abrasion, appearance change (pilling degree/class) of the textiles and membrane materials.
GB/T21196(national standards technical committees) GB/T4802.2 GB/T13775 FZ/T20020, ISO12945-2, ISO12947, ASTM D4966, ASTM D4970, ASTM D3886, JIS L1096, IWS Tm196/ TM112 M & S
Test Mode
Mode 1: circular fabric sample and the same material at a given pressure to Lissajous graph trajectories friction, to achieve the required number of revolutions, the evaluation sample pilling grade. This principle corresponds to the standard requirements of the degree of pilling tests. (60 * 60mm)
Mode 2: circular fabric sample at a certain pressure, and the standard abrasive Press (Lissajous) for each trajectory curve friction, resulting in damage to the specimen in the specimen indicates the number of damaged wear abrasion resistance of fabrics. This principle corresponds to the standard required of the fabric abrasion resistance tests. (40 * 40mm)


Instrument characteristics
1. Trajectory has three modes:
Mode one. The envelope surface is 60 × 60mm Lissajous graph track
Mode II. Envelope surface of 40 × 40mm Lissajous graph track
Mode III. 100mm stroke linear trajectory
2. 9 sets of self-storage can be preset editing program, free to use, you can run a single program repeatedly, three kinds of test mode, and configure holder with adjustable grinding system sets the relative velocity :20-70r / min adjustable
3. Chinese and English interface freely switch
4. 9 station design, configuration, high quality stainless steel roller bushings, greatly reduces mechanical friction, avoid prolonged mechanical wear resulting from reduced component weight and makes the test results are not accurate, and reduce noise
5. 7-inch 800 * 480 resolution color touch-screen control, configuration accumulate, regressive two counting methods, each station are timing can be individually controlled, with automatic memory function, power failure shutdown can continue after the last test
6. Instrument cover, hammer, clamping ring, grinding and other locations are made of high quality stainless steel Seiko made, no distortion, no rust, ingenious style cover design, without moving the cover can easily handling specimens
7. High-efficiency brushless DC motor servo drive, low noise, low power, reduce energy consumption and improve the acoustics laboratory
8. French original programmable logic controller (PLC) modular control, stronger anti-interference, easy to hang, suitable for up to hundreds of thousands of times a long-running
9. User side can additionally optional active style shoe test sample weights package components, you need to book in advance

Technical parameters
1. Number of stations: 9 Bench
2. count display:
a. Expected Count: 0 ~ 999999 times
b. cumulative count: 0 ~ 999999 times
3. Maximum stroke: 24 ± 0.5mm, 60.5 ± 0.5mm
4. pressurization of substance:
a. holder: 200 ± 1g
b. lining specimen weight: 395 ± 2g
c. furniture decorations specimen weight: 594 ± 2g
d. stainless steel butterfly piece: 260 ± 1g
5. grinding block effective friction diameter:
A type 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢ 28.8-0.084mm,
B-155g (1.52N) friction head (12KPa) ¢ 90-0.10mm
6. gripper relative velocity and grinding Taiwan :20-70r / min adjustable
7. sample loading pressure hammer Quality: 2385 ± 10g
8. Dimensions: 898 × 780 × 350mm (L × W × H)
9. Weight: 100kg
10. Power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 600W
Standard configuration:
Hosts: 1 set
A type 200g (1.96N) friction head: 9
B-155g (1.52N) friction head: 9
594g sample weight: 9
395g sample weight: 9
260g stainless steel discs: 9
2385g sample loading pressure Hammer: 1
Within six wrench: 1
Sample Loader: 1
Standard felts: 18 (thickness 1.8mm)
Standard felts: 18 (weight 750 ± 50g/m2 thickness of 3 ± 0.3mm)
Kit: 1 set
1, φ140mm round sampler
2, φ38mm round sampler
3, pilling standard sample photos
4, standard and abrasive sponge pad
5, pilling rating box