SKZ175B Physiological thermal and water-vapor resistance Tester

SKZ175B Physiological thermal and water-vapor resistance Tester

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Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions, specially for
High simulation of human skin to measure its sweat evaporation effect (sweating guarded hotplate test)
ISO 11092:1993, ASTM D1518,ASTM F1868(A-E),JIS L1096,NFPA1971
1. Adopts imported high-precision temperature sensor, greatly improving the accuracy and stability
2. Built-in humidity chamber, compact structure, strong integrity, to ensure reliable operation
3. Using computer control and data processors, professional analysis software can be directly measured
and calculated the thermal resistance, water vapor resistance, water vapor permeability, water vapor
permeability index, thermal insulation, thermal conductivity and clo value of the sample
4. High with laptop computer, output laboratory test report
5. Fast dynamic real-time temperature and humidity data acquisition, multi-point calibration independently,
effectively guarantee the authenticity of the test results
6. High simulation human skin effect evaporation of sweat hot plate
7. Imported motor and lifting systems, rapid tests with samples of different thickness
8. Two test methods-Evaporation hot plate and static flat plate can be quickly converted
9. High precision water supply system, the error is less than 1 mm
Technical parameters:
1. Thermal resistance (Rct) Range: 0.002-2.000m2. K /W resolution 0.0001m 2 . K/ W
2. Moisture resistance (Ret) Range :1.0-1000 m2 . Pa /W resolution of 0.01m 2 . Pa /W
3. Test Bench temperature range: 20 — 50 ℃ adjustable; ± 0.1 ℃
4. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃ Resolution: 0.01 ℃
5. Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 3% Resolution: 0.1%
6. Sample thickness range :0-70mm
7. Air velocity within the duct: (1 ± 0.05) m / s 0.1m/s-2 m / s adjustable
8. Preheat cycle :1-99 Adjustable
9. Test plate size: 250mm × 250mm
10. Sample size: 515mm × 515mm
11. Climate chamber size: 76cm × 78cm × 63cm
12. Power supply: AC380V ± 10% V, 50Hz 3.5kW
13. Dimensions: 90cm × 110cm × 198cm (L × W × H) (excluding computer)
14. Weight: about 260kg