SKZ180C (Above 45°) Fabric Burning Behavior Tester

SKZ180C (Above 45°) Fabric Burning Behavior Tester

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For the textile fabric burning at 45 ° condition, damage area, damage length of heating and melting to the
specified length times of meeting flame.
Technical parameters
1.Time keeping of continues flame: 0-999.9s
2.Time keeping of afterglow: 0-999.9s
3.Box temperature display: interior temp.-99℃
4.Testing parameters:

Testing parameters A project B project
flimsy materials heavy goods
Ignition time 30s 120s Manual control
Initiator tube aperture ¢6.4mm ¢20mm ¢6.4mm
Distance between the top
of initiator and specimen
45mm 65mm 45mm
Specimen clamp size External frame:490×230mm
Inner frame:250×150mm
Solenoid diameter:¢10mm
Solenoid:2mm;Total length:150mm

5.Power source: AC220V   50Hz   20W
6.External dimension:540×360×690mm
7.Weight: 20kg